Our Students

The ISH student body is truly diverse, with over forty different nationalities represented within our student body of around 410 students. Students make friends with people from all over the world at our school.

Our students are aged between 3 and 19 years old. The whole community shares our facility, spread over five floors. They grow used to seeing students of all different ages. We try to bring the community altogether at whole school assemblies and special events and allow opportunities for older students to mentor and work with younger students when possible.

So, for example, the High School Student Council organizes the Halloween Disco for the Lower School. We all participate in a Ruoholahti clean-up day together, with the older students helping the younger ones.

Our student body is multi-talented and diverse. We accept students with many different backgrounds. Some students will go onto to gain admission in some of the very best universities in the world. For others, discovering their passion and finding their own path into higher education or their vocation is their measure of success at ISH.

We are a welcoming school that is used to making newcomers feel at home as quickly as possible.

We want to our students to feel empowered with their learning, to develop leadership and expand their horizons.