The PTO partners with local Finnish philanthropic organization, HOPE,, which operates 20 warehouses across Finland. Volunteers help to collect, sort and distribute direct donations of clothing and accessories, home goods, personal care products, toys, books, sports equipment and dry foodstuffs for distressed, underprivileged Finnish families.

In 2017*, in greater Helsinki, HOPE’s local warehouses provided an opportunity for 2,084 families with 5,080 children to be properly clothed for the long winter, to have toys and books, to put food on the table and sometimes even to furnish their homes.

The inspiration behind ISH's involvement with HOPE is to take thoughtful action locally. We want to give something back to the community in which we live, in which our children are growing up and being educated, and in which we are all making lasting friendships and memories.

Our goal is to encourage awareness of and the full engagement of the ISH community in service and charity. As part of our Service Learning program, ISH will continue to work with HOPE as well as pursue relationships and opportunities with other organizations throughout the school year on a number of locally-driven charitable initiatives. The PTO undertakes seasonal clothing drives, a meaningful holiday gift project in December and we regularly send groups of parent volunteers to help where we can.

If you would like to get involved, please contact Amanda Hickey or Gillian Angstadt-Baan, our HOPE Co-Chairs at:

*In 2017, HOPE helped support 6,568 families and 16,960 children across Finland.