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The new Web Team and our Student Media Club will be sharing learning and school happenings using different social media. Our ISH Facebook page will be the main way to connect to us. We will also share pictures of school events on Instagram and use Twitter to share ideas of interest to our wider educational community.

ISH Inspires

We have started a new ISH Inspires Blog site where we will share articles on education from ISH as well as inspiring articles and videos that we recommend from different websites. For those of you who have been reading the Friday newsletter articles, these educational writings will now be on the blog site for those who want them. There is an archive of some of the previous articles as well.

News Archive

With the school year ending already at the end of May, we appreciate that many parents' work situations do not always allow them to be with their children from the start of the holidays. In order to support our families over the past few years, ISH has organized summer camps for our students during the first two weeks of June.

Read more about Summer Camps at ISH!

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