Student Support Services

Our purpose at ISH is to serve mobile international families and international Finns. We understand that families will have children with many different needs, different strengths and academic aptitudes. We are an inclusive school that does not have a pass/fail admissions test. As long as we believe that a student can be successful within our programmes, then we will offer admission.

We are fortunate to have a low student to teacher ratio with small class sizes. This allows us to pay attention to individual differences in learning. We also have dedicated professionals who provide extra support for students who may need some adaption of the learning to develop or extend their understanding. We have a strong Student Support Team that is compromised of learning support teachers and assistants as well as an educational psychologist, school counsellors and a school nurse. These professionals partner with the teachers and our families to develop the right strategy and approach to get the best out of each student. We also have an English as an Additional Language Team that helps students who are just beginning to learn English. Our teachers provide a mix of in-class, small group and individual instruction for students that need extra support. We can also facilitate access to local support services in Helsinki and Espoo for specialised help, such as speech therapy.

In some cases, if a student presents with a learning difference that may affect their ability to be successful at ISH we might ask for additional admissions information. We expect families to share all the information that they have so we can reach the right decision together. We want to make sure that every student that we admit is set up for success. In some cases, we might advise families that this is not the right school for them based on what is best for the student.