Learning English at ISH

ISH is an inclusive school and therefore accepts students who are learning English at all different levels.

In the early years, in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten, all students are learning language together. In the higher grades (Grade 1 to Grade 12), we provide specialised support in the form of small group teaching. Students follow the curriculum but have some 'pull-out' lessons to focus on acquiring language with English as an Additional Language (EAL) specialists.

ISH does accept students who are still acquiring English into our High School, although we do counsel that to be successful in our Diploma programme requires a good level of English proficiency. We can offer an alternative academic programme that leads to a High School Graduation Diploma for students who are learning English.

We advise parents that to become fluent in any language takes about three years on average. On that basis, we need to manage our academic expectations of students who join the school as beginner speakers. We also advise parents that it is important that students continue to develop literacy in their mother tongue, as this provides the underpinning for the acquisition of other languages.

At ISH we provide Finnish and French as additional languages in our Lower School and also Spanish in our Middle and High Schools. We also provide different extra language classes after school at an additional costs.