Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for admission?

We have an online application, you can fill it in here.

2. Do you have entrance exams and/or interviews?

We do not have entrance exams and an interview will be conducted when

  • applicant is applying for a place in upper school
  • applicant has special needs
  • submitted documents need to be clarified
3. How do you place students?

There are several criteria considered when placing students. The alignment of the student’s previous system of education with that of ISH, the hemisphere in which the student previously attended school, the student’s ability to interact in an English-speaking environment, and the student's previous grade placement are among the general points considered. In addition to these points, there are specific criteria for certain levels.

  • Students should be age four on or before 1 September to enter the Discovery program.
  • Students should be age five on or before 1 September to enter the Explorers program.
  • Students should be age six on or before 1 September to enter grade 1.
The school reserves the right to make all final decisions on student placement.

4. I would like to visit the school, what do I do?

Please contact our Admissions office to schedule a visit by email to or call tel. +358-9-6866 1625. During vacation times, please email the school office to or call tel 358-9-686 6160.

5. What is your age cut-off date?

Cut-off date is 1 September each year e.g. Students should be age three on or before 1 September to enter the Discovery program.

6. Do you accept students who do not speak any English? Or come from outside Finland?

We do accept students who do not speak any English and also students from around the world. At the moment we have about 45 different nationalities.

However, to be admitted to grade 9 and up students must demonstrate sufficient English language proficiency fluency

to enable them to be successful within our High School Diploma programme. This may be determined by an EAL Admissions test.

Please also note that we do not have boarding facilities. Please see question 10 below.

8. Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded to students entering either Grade 10 or 11. Candidates must have permanent residential status in Finland. They must also fulfill the school’s admissions requirements. Please see the requirements, application dates (Jan-Feb) and other information on the Scholarships page.

9. Do you have tuition fees?

Yes, we are a private international school with tuition fees. Please see the Fees page of our website for our latest Fee Schedule. Should you have any questions about invoicing and fees, please contact Mrs Bronwen Scott or Mrs Veronika Alexandrovich in our Business Office.

10. Are you a boarding school? Can I live alone?

We are not a boarding school and do not have a host family program. ISH is a day-school for children from the age of 3 to 18 years and we do not have any accommodation facilities.

Admission may not be granted to students who are not able to clearly demonstrate that they will be living with one parent or a designated guardian while they are studying at the school.

11. Do you have a school uniform?

No, we do not have school uniform.

12. Do you have a lunch program?

Yes, we do have a hot lunch program and lunch is provided by the school. Information about our food service and weekly menus can be found from here.