Strategic Plan

The School's current strategic plan was developed over a six month period as a whole community effort. The process started in the fall of 2013 with individual interviews, focus groups and a questionnaire on the school's current strengths and areas for development. There was also much discussion on the future of schools and what we need to change to serve this current generation of learners. All the feedback that was gathered was then shared with school community in an audit report in November 2013. This process then informed the work of the Strategic Planning Task Force that met in the early months of 2014. This was comprised of students, parents, governors, teachers and members of the leadership team. This group grappled with different ideas and priorities and resolved on the current Strategic Plan. The Vision Statement was authored with the student voice at the heart of the discussion. This plan was formally adopted by the Board in March 2014.

Since that time we have all been mindful of making good on our positive intentions. All our planning proceeds from this document. We have made every effort to make our Vision Statement live and breathe in the daily life of our school. The goals of the plan anchor all our activities. They are what we are doing until the point that we all agree that we have achieved what we set out to do and are ready for the next collective planning effort.

Click here to view the details of our 5-year Strategic Plan.