School Board

The ISH School Board is usually referred to as “The ISH Board of Governors”.

The school operates within conditions set by the Finnish Ministry of Education and is established as a non-profit association, “The Parents’ Association of the International School of Helsinki”.

The Parents’ Association elects members for the school board, “The ISH Board of Governors”. The board consists of 7-9 members, primarily parents. The Board strives for gender balance and diversity of cultural background, skills and experience. All members are volunteers.

Current Board members:

  • Hannu Aronsson (vice chairperson)
  • Roeland Baan (chairperson)
  • Tomi Erkkilä
  • Antti Erävaara
  • Manish Gupta
  • Dina Harrison
  • Kari Kallonen
  • Björn Ordell (treasurer)
  • Karolina Walkowiak-Kiselka (secretary)

The Board represents the Parents’ Association and board activities are concentrated on establishing and supporting the school’s vision and strategic direction.

Day-to-day administration of the school is not a board responsibility but is delegated to the Head of School and the leadership team.

Board responsibilities include:

Strategic Planning

The board is responsible for establishing, evaluating and reviewing the mission and strategic direction of ISH.

The ISH five-year strategic plan is created in a strong partnership with the school community. The latest strategic plan is from 2014 and the implementation is continuing.


The board is responsible for the financial stability of the school. The Finance Committee and the leadership team assist the board in this task.

School Policies

The board is responsible for the formulation and approval of school polices that set direction and guidance for operations at ISH. The Policy Committee and the leadership team assist the board in this task. For information about school policies please click here.

Personnel (Head of School)

An essential role for the board is to appoint, evaluate and provide support to the Head of School.

All other personnel matters are delegated to the Head of School and the leadership team.

Board Meetings

The board meets monthly. In addition the board sets up standing and ad-hoc committees to assist the board on key areas of the strategic plan. Work on committees can include members of staff, parents and students when relevant.

The school community is welcome and encouraged to attend the board meetings that are announced on the school calendar in Managebac.

Next board meeting:

Monday 27 May 2019 at 18.00.

If you want to view minutes of the open board meetings, please click here.

Annual General Meetings

Please find information regarding Annual General Meetings under "Parents' Association"

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