Parents' Association

The school operates within conditions set by the Finnish Ministry of Education and is established as a non-profit association, “The Parents’ Association of the International School of Helsinki”. The Parents’ Association is ruled by the Finnish Associations Act and its own bylaws. The purpose of the association is to maintain and own ISH and, to promote cooperation between the school and parents.

All parents/guardians are eligible to become members of the Parents' Association and may do so by completing a Membership form. Only one person per family may be registered as a voting member.

Members of the Parents’ Association can vote at the Annual General Meetings and elect members for the school board, “The ISH Board of Governors”.

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

The Parents’ Association has two AGMs during the school year in October and in April. The AGM provides information about the progress of the school and updates on the financial year. Elections to fill vacancies on the board are held at an AGM.

Members of the Parents' Association can vote at the AGM.

If you are unable to attend an AGM in person and wish to exercise your voting rights, you may give the proxy form to any person over 18 to vote on your behalf.

ASGM 2019 took place on Monday 29 April 2019. Meeting minutes here.

AAGM 2018 took place on Wednesday 24 October. Meeting minutes here.