Mission & Vision

At ISH, we endeavour to walk the talk of the values in our vision and mission statements and verify that we are being successful with delivering these intentions. We want our students to own the language and understand the core values that drive our school.

Our Vision Statement is:

"We empower our students and inspire one another to take thoughtful action."

There are three big ideas in this statement. Student empowerment is built on child-centered learning, valuing the student voice and giving them choices about how and what they learn. Inspiration is a wonderful aspiration to make the process of learning fun and exciting. As a result of the new knowledge and understanding our students acquire we want them to apply this learning to the real world. Thoughtful action asks our students to think about the method, consequences and sustainability of their actions.

Our Mission Statement is:

'Our mission is to provide excellence in education through a caring and diverse environment that encourages the holistic development of each student. We prepare students with the means to succeed in a challenging world.'

At ISH, we understand that the world is changing fast. It is the school graduates with highly developed social, emotional and cultural intelligence that will thrive. We believe that education is more than just success in tests and exams. As Einstein memorably said: 'Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school'. Research shows that IB graduates have excellent critical thinking skills, they are articulate and more globally aware than their peers coming through national systems. These are the qualities of our education that will endure. At ISH, we provide a rich diet of academic, social, physical and creative experiences that develop the full talents of each unique students.